- Trace of Eyes -

 In an attempt to recognize things, we all try to classify them by using our own mechanism in our memories, searching their meanings and seeking names for them. My work, on the other hand, is a challenge to keep fragments of the world just as they are, extracting only their existence as pure form, leaving them as “things which cannot be named”, resisting against the nature of human consciousness that tends to develop fragments to a story or a concept. I tried to capture our consciousness before it gets contaminated by our memories and named it “Trace of Eyes”. Things from which only an aspect as form is extracted by photography loose its original peculiarity and significance and start to symbolize absolute landscape in which artificiality and nature, inorganic and organic, figure and trace come to range and fuse.
The images, extracted only as form by photography, acquire new identities as materials possible to be grasped only by vision, generating even a sense of touch.


[Outer Layer]
Photography Journal ASAHI CAMERA January.2011
[Invisible moments]
[Aspects of Memory]